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About Canadian Wealth Solutions

Who are we?  Canadian Solutions Group is a financial education, real estate investment and rent to own housing company that is owned and operated right here in Grande Prairie, AB.  Our company is comprised of 3 separate divisions, our first division Canadian Wealth Solutions specializes in financial education and real estate investment opportunities, we help Canadians get on the right path to financial freedom.  We have been actively involved in local real estate investing for a number of years in Grande Prairie and surrounding area and have a real estate portfolio valued at over 6.5 Million dollars.

The second division, Canadian Real Estate Solutions, was created specifically for our client first rent to own housing program. Our rent to own program is different than most as we do not have a "stock" of sub standard houses be bought on sale. We actually qualify our tenants first, then once they make it through our strict due diligence phase we allow them to pick out any home for sale on the market within the price range we set for them. Its a win-win situation for all involved.

The third division, Canadian Property Management Solutions, was created because we noticed that there is a need for a high quality property management company in Grande Prairie that focuses only on properties owned by larger real estate investors. We have our own highly trained property manager in house that looks after all of our own properties in our portfolio, in the near future we will be fully ready to also start managing properties owned by other investors as well. 

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